River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Rozalyn and Annabelle go shopping

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MSA is a CC

MSA is a CC

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PostSubject: Rozalyn and Annabelle go shopping   Fri May 15, 2009 4:47 pm

Rozalyn sighed as they went into the first store. Annabelle laughed. "Come on, this will be fun!" she shrugged. "oh all right.." and they went in. It was a chilly store, the kind that have the air conditioning on too high. wstarted sorting through the clothes. So did Rozalyn. "hey, what all do you NEED?" Rozalyn shrugged. "Well, I've only got 3 pairs of pants in total, and about 5 shrits...I think we should start with pants.." she laughed. Dirk really HAD been upset, he had thrown out everything she had owned except for what was in the laundry, since he had been too dumb to look there. "What about this?" Annabelle pulled up a pair of skinny jeans. Rozalyn sighed. "yeah, well, I was thinking somthing more, you know, COMFURTABLE?" Annabelle waved a hand at her. "They're plenty comfurtable, and, you'll look great in them.." Rozalyn rolled her eyes. "oh all right, if you insist.." They went on shopping for a while. Next, they went to a shoe store. "did he get rid of you shoes too?" Annabelle asked in amazment. Rozalyn laughed. "no, that was Sophie, I've been needing some new shoes for a while now.." they stayed there for a while, and Annabelle got herself a pair of boots. "Want to go to lunch?" Annabelle inquired. Rozalyn shrugged. "Sure, if you want, I wonder if Hugo's mad.." annabelle shook her head. "Good ridens is all I've got to say.." Rozalyn paused a moment. "No, I just don't feel right kicking him out, you know, after leah and him..." Annabelle shrugged. "She was a pig anyway, you said it yourself!" Rozalyn rubbed her elbows. "yeah, I know, but, I just feel bad about ME being the reason they broke up.." Annabelle laughed. "Well frankly I'm GLAD they broke up..now, what are you getting? I'm getting the spagetti and meatballs...Hugo told me this place was amazing, he went here with Leah I think.." Rozalyn nodded. "That waiter, Nick, he's pretty funny.." Annabelle replied. Rozalyn shook her head. "I just got divorced and now your trying to hook me up with someone, well, I've got somthing to say to you...no more non reliable men, and since I don't really believe there IS such a thing as a reliable man, I'm giving up on men, just me and Sophie.." she laughed. As Annabelle nodded, a quick jerky nod. "Well, what about Sham?" Annabelle looked up, blinking. "What about him?" Rozlayn teased her. "he's pretty cute.." Annabelle blushed. "Oh be quiet and eat your stupid spagetti and meatballs, or I'm setting you up with Hugo!" Rozalyn laughed at that, as well as Annabelle.
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Rozalyn and Annabelle go shopping
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