River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Month 3 Annabelle

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MSA is a CC

MSA is a CC

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PostSubject: Month 3 Annabelle   Tue May 19, 2009 5:01 pm

Annabelle's car skidded to a halt. "coming through, move it!" she came to one of the kennels. Inside was a young dog. She was a stray they had found, that had lost a litter. No one had named her yet, but she was very cute. Annabelle patted her head. "just making sure you were still here.." she jumped back in her car and sped back to Leah's.

*no one reply to this incase i have to delete it later*
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Month 3 Annabelle
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