River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Elise- month 7

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Elise- month 7 Empty
PostSubject: Elise- month 7   Elise- month 7 Icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2009 7:50 pm

Elise went under the covered cabana to get something to drink at the grill. "um, hi! could i have an ice tea please?" she said to the guy at the counter. while he went back to get it Elise noticed a sign hanging on the botten board-


River Stone Club Dance Night!

Come along with your date and dance a walts to a upbeat dance song! Garenteed to have alot of fun. live band will be set up along with a kariokie hour! great french food catered by Fluer! Dance your heart out all night long and have a blast! Who knows you might just find that special someone!

Time: 8:00pm-midnight

Location: River Stone Club ballroom


ELise thought she should invite Oliver to go and maybe srah and terrance might show up as well. she would mention it to Annebelle at her naxt leson too! she didn't want it to feel too just Oliver and her. "excuse me miss?" the guy at the grill said handing her her tea. "oh! thanks!" she said and ginned.

(ps. you could have leah and annebelle come to the dance like you had said in your post! idk only if u want!)
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Elise- month 7
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