River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Elise and Oliver- month 8

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PostSubject: Elise and Oliver- month 8   Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:19 am

Elise and Oliver walked into the bridal store hand and hand. They needed to decide on a wedding dress and tux. they first went over to the mans part. "hum.....i don't know much about fashion so....you might need to help out alittle...." Oliver said looking over at all the jackets and things a little overwhelmed. "ok! thats fine you just have to try all of them on!" Elise said laughing at the face he made. "what about this one!" she said pointing to a black one with a glossey feel of satin. "oh! sure!" oliver said looking at the price "for $1,300 bucks! sorry but thats alittle out of the price range....." "Oh wow! thats pricey! maybe this one!" she said pointing to a black tux with a red linning on the in side. "ok! let me go try it on." Oliver said after checking the price. when he came out he looked great! it fit him well and the deep true black looked good with his skin and the contrast with the white shirt was beyond exquisite. "it looks great!" elise said "ok good lets keep looking though just in case." Oliver said heading out of the mirror to leave and take it off. in the end that won over the rest and they bought it and headed over to the bride part. they looked over at the brides maids dresses first and chosse a magenta halter dress with a satian ribbon acroos the torse that tied in the back in a ribboin. then they went to the dresses for Elise. "um...what about this one?" elise said pointing to a long white one with puff sleeves and a v neck. Once Elise tried it it was a disaster so they stricked that one down and moved on. Next they tried a strapless with the beading on the train and also xed that out. they licked how the strapless looked so they tried more of thosse on and chosse a white/ cream strapless dress with a lemon colored ribbon around her torso and a long train to flow behind her. they checked out and the grand total was only $1,500! they left the store tired and happy and went to Olivers apartment.
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Elise and Oliver- month 8
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