River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Leah And Beck, get M-A-D---month 9

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PostSubject: Leah And Beck, get M-A-D---month 9   Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:50 am

Leah frowned as Beck angrily buckeld Ida into her car seat. He got in the driving seat of the outback. Leah sighed. "Really Beck, I've only seen you this mad....once." Beck growled. "We'll talk about it when we bget hoime. I don't want little ears hearing this. Period." Leah bit her lip. "This" She said "Is SO childish. Just tell me whats wroung. Now." Beck turned to her. "Leah just...er, SHUT UP!" He swirved the car into their parking lot. Leah ghasped. "Beck! I'm not some slave or anything. You've been acting so...weird. What's bloody wroung!" Beck groweld at her, then slammed the door behind him. Leah exhaled. Ida was crying. Leah unbuckeld her and gently rocked her. "It's ok. It's ok." She wsaid southingly. "Dad!" Ida screatched. Leah kissed her head. "I'm sorry, I don't know whats gotten into that beast. He's just...angry." Ida knew why. She giggeled. "Mets and I kiws." Leah looked down at her. "What?" Ida puckerd her lips and smacked them. "Mets! Mets!" Leah groaned. "Oh great." She walked Ida up to their condo. She made spagetti and they ate. After, Ida ghot a bath and then went to sleep. Leah sighed and sat on the couch. "Look Beck, I know she kissed someone." Beck frowned. "On the cheeck, but still." He sat down. "I just feel like shes growing so fast. Shes so pretty, all those freekles and that hair. god, Leah soon we'll have to give her the talk about the birds and the bees. I cant christ, Ijust cant." Leah smiled. "Beck, she's only 3! We've still got some time." He nodded. "I know, its just..." She kissed him. "Beck, she may have kissed him on the cheak but hey, is it THAT bad?" Beck looked her in the eyesd. "Yes. Yes, it REALLY it." She sighed. "Alright, we just cant kiss anymore then." Beck frowned. "God Leah, stop being so...silly." She smileds. "Beck, if this happens again we will look at it in new light." Lilly jumped up on the couch and licked Becks face. Leah smiled. "Now now, we dont want Ida getting any Ideas." They both laughed. Lilly ran into Idas room, where she slept. Beck kissed Leah. She kissed his forehead. "Hey, do you want to hire a sitter for friday night?" He nodded. "Yeah." They crept off to bed.
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Leah And Beck, get M-A-D---month 9
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