River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Sarah-Month 1

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Sarah Everwood

Sarah Everwood

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PostSubject: Sarah-Month 1   Wed May 06, 2009 2:48 pm

Sarah lay in the hospital bed, thinking about her accident. It was so stupid of her to fall off the stage, especially in the middle of her solo! Well, at least it hadn't been a performance. She heard a faint tapping on the door.
"Come in!" She called from the bed, flipping the TV off.
"Hello!" It was one of the doctors. "Alright, we looked at the x-rays, and your right arm is broken in three places, and you left arm in one."
Sarah looked down at her arms. They sure hurt-she hoped they would put the actual cast on soon. "How long will I have to wear a cast?" She questioned, hoping it would be off before her first show.
"Probably about three weeks." Thank Goodness." thought Sarah. The show was in a month, so she would be fine, although rehearsal would be difficult.
"Ok now, follow me. They need to put your cast on." Sarah got up and followed the man out of the room.
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Sarah-Month 1
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