River Stone Heights is a lovley city an the coast of england. it has vast rolling hills and a beautiful coast line with clear waters and smooth sand.
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 Elise-month 5- 6:30 pm

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PostSubject: Elise-month 5- 6:30 pm   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:45 pm

Elise stode in frount of the French resturant in one of her sun dresses. on her left she heard Oliver walking up to her. "bo joure!" (idk how u spelll that!) he said truning to go into the dim lite atmosphere. they sat at a simi pirivete table for two on the wall. Elise ordered one of the speciles on the house and Oliver had the chichen cordom blue. they both enjoied it a lot. when they were just about to part oliver said "so um do you want to meet me at the barn tomerrow?" "oh! sure!" elise said entusiacticley. she couldn't wait untill then. it seemed like every thing was happening so quick yet slow.
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Elise-month 5- 6:30 pm
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